How To Make Time For A Holiday As A Chemistry Major?

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Let's be honest, majoring in chemistry can drive you crazy at times. Chemistry is that ‘dreaded' science subject that requires a thorough understanding and A LOT of hard work. Lack of foundation, and improper studying methods are some major factors that can make you struggle tremendously as a Chemistry major so much so you hardly get a life. While a nice break may feel like a distant dream but it is nowhere near impossible! Let us take a look at some ways you can find time for a holiday.

Develop A Strong Foundation In Your Course

Students who take the foundation chapters lightly will definitely struggle when the time comes to learn more advanced concepts. This is because everything you learn in the beginning will be applicable to the things you learn later on. Doing well in your first exams and paying attention to the basics will help you tackle chemistry in the long run. If you're confident with the basics, you can sneak in a every couple of without much worry.

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Pay Attention In Class

‘I will just go home and learn it, I don't need to pay attention right now'. The majority of the time when these students go home and review their lessons, they are perplexed and confused about the material. Paying attention in class means less time for self-study and more time for . And if you skip a few classes because you took out time for a vacation, make sure you brush up on what was taught before you join back. While you're away on a holiday try and finish your pending homework by scheduling some time in the late night or early morning. If it's a very hectic holiday plan you may wish “there was someone to do my chemistry homework for me”. Go ahead and look for a reliable homework-writing service in this situation.

Group Studies On A Holiday

Sounds geeky, but this is a very practical solution. Since you're on holiday with your classmates, and you all have to prepare the same assignments and study portions for the break, it makes sense that you all collaborate. Group studies can really benefit subjects like chemistry. During self-study, you are less likely to have your doubts cleared and get different views on how to approach a particular problem. In a group study, you will learn about different approaches and feel more motivated to study. Propose this idea to your friends and take some of your coursework along on vacation. Make a list of the topics and exercises your group will cover and note down the problems and equations to solve as well. Schedule a little time for group study but not so much so as to kill all the fun.

Plan A Vacation Consciously

When you're planning the holiday, be mindful of what's going on in college. If tough topics are scheduled in the classes, you shouldn't miss them. Your holiday dates should never clash with exam dates or extremely important submissions. Always give priority to your studies. Don't go for a ruthless adventure in the name of a holiday. While you're away take care of your health and wellbeing also, you don't want to come back from the holiday sick and in need of another week off to recover. That'll be a major loss of progress and will make you fear taking a break in the future. Your vacation should be a sweet spot between excitement and relaxation so that you feel all energized when you get back to class.


So you see, just because you've picked up a heavily academic career path doesn't mean you can't take time out for travel. Just a few changes in your approach to study and a willingness to strike a balance are all that it takes!

& FAQs

Travel :

  1. : Book your during lighter study periods.
  2. Utilize Breaks: Make the most of weekends and short breaks for getaways.
  3. Combine Study and Leisure: Consider group study sessions during vacations.
  4. Balance is Key: Ensure your holiday doesn't conflict with crucial academic dates.
  5. Prioritize Health: Don't compromise for adventure.


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  1. Can I travel during the semester?
    • Yes, with careful planning and prioritizing studies, you can enjoy vacations.
  2. How can I catch up on missed lectures during a holiday?
    • Set aside dedicated time for revision or consider group study sessions.
  3. What if I have pending assignments during the break?
    • Plan ahead, finish assignments before the holiday, or collaborate with classmates.
  4. Is it okay to study during a vacation?
    • Yes, incorporating some study time can help maintain a balance.
  5. How do I ensure I don't fall behind in coursework?
    • Stay organized, pay attention in class, and seek group study opportunities.
  6. What if I have exams right after a vacation?
    • Plan your holiday around study periods and allocate time for revision.
  7. Can I use a vacation to catch up on lab work?
    • It's possible, but ensure you also allocate time for relaxation and enjoyment.
  8. How can I stay motivated to study while on holiday?
    • Engage in group studies, set specific goals, and reward yourself for achievements.
  9. Should I inform professors about my vacation plans?
    • It's advisable to inform them in advance and discuss any missed content.
  10. What if I feel overwhelmed with coursework and holiday plans?
    • Prioritize tasks, seek support from peers, and consider assistance if needed.

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