17 Top Attractions & Things to Do in Morocco

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Uncover the 17 top attractions & things to do in Morocco and embark on an unforgettable journey of , culture, and beauty. From exploring the ancient medinas to camping in the Sahara Desert, Morocco offers a plethora of experiences for every traveler.


Welcome to the fascinating realm of Morocco, a land of rich history, diverse landscapes, and captivating traditions. Nestled in North Africa, Morocco boasts an array of enchanting attractions and activities that cater to every kind of traveler. Whether you seek to wander through bustling , traverse rugged mountains, or relax on pristine beaches, this North African gem has it all. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the 17 top attractions and things to do in Morocco, promising you an unforgettable journey filled with awe-inspiring experiences.

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1. Marvel at the Majestic Marrakech

As one of Morocco's most iconic cities, Marrakech promises a sensory overload with its vibrant colors, aromatic spices, and bustling markets. The world-famous Djemaa el-Fna square is the heart of Marrakech, where snake charmers, henna artists, and storytellers mesmerize visitors. Explore the intricate beauty of Bahia Palace, wander through the serene , and immerse yourself in the maze-like alleys of the medina.

2. Explore the Blue Pearl,

Nestled amidst the Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen, fondly known as the Blue Pearl, entices travelers with its stunning blue-painted streets and buildings. This picturesque town offers a tranquil escape, where you can meander through the cobbled streets, browse local handicrafts, and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

3. Adventures in the Sahara Desert

Embark on an extraordinary desert expedition to the majestic Sahara, where endless dunes stretch as far as the eye can see. Experience the magic of a camel trek at sunrise or sunset, camp under the starlit skies, and immerse yourself in the Bedouin culture. The Sahara promises an unforgettable adventure like no other.

4. Feast on Delectable

Morocco is a food lover's paradise, offering a tantalizing array of flavors and aromas. Indulge in succulent tagines, flavorful couscous, and mouthwatering pastries. Don't forget to savor the famous mint tea, an integral part of Moroccan hospitality.

5. Discover the Ancient Ruins of

Unearth the remnants of ancient Roman civilization at the historic site of Volubilis. Marvel at the well-preserved mosaics and wander through the ruins that tell tales of the past. This archaeological wonder is a must-visit for history enthusiasts.

6. Trekking in the Atlas Mountains

For and nature lovers, a trek in the Atlas Mountains is a must-do activity. Hike through picturesque valleys, encounter traditional Berber villages, and witness breathtaking panoramic views.

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7. Experience the Coastal Charm of Essaouira

Escape to the charming coastal town of Essaouira, where the Atlantic Ocean meets historic ramparts. Known for its vibrant art scene, water sports, and fresh seafood, Essaouira offers a laid-back atmosphere ideal for relaxation.

8. Wander through the Ancient Fes Medina

Step back in time as you explore the medieval Fes Medina, a UNESCO . Lose yourself in the labyrinthine streets, visit the prestigious Al Quaraouiyine University, and be enchanted by the masterful craftsmanship of local artisans.

9. Encounter Majestic Royal Palaces

Morocco boasts a wealth of exquisite royal palaces that reflect the country's rich heritage. Visit the Royal Palace of Casablanca and the Royal Palace of Rabat to witness the grandeur of Moroccan architecture.

10. Experience the Tranquility of the Majorelle Garden

Escape the city bustle and find serenity at the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech. Created by French painter Jacques Majorelle, this lush oasis is a visual delight, featuring vibrant blue structures and an impressive collection of exotic plants.

11. Get Lost in the Dades Valley

The Dades Valley, also known as the “Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs,” is a captivating region adorned with dramatic landscapes and ancient kasbahs. Take a scenic drive along the “Road of a Thousand Kasbahs” and witness the rugged beauty of this awe-inspiring valley.

12. Embark on a Thrilling Quad Biking Adventure

For , Morocco offers exhilarating quad biking experiences across the desert and rugged terrains. Unleash your adventurous spirit as you zoom through sand dunes and rocky landscapes.

13. Immerse Yourself in the Rich History of Meknes

Explore the historical city of Meknes, once a glorious imperial of Morocco. Visit the monumental Bab Mansour gate, the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, and the underground prison, Heri es-Souani.

14. Savor the Tranquility of the Todra Gorge

Nestled amidst the High Atlas Mountains, the Todra Gorge is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and rock climbers. Marvel at the towering cliffs and take a leisurely stroll along the crystal-clear waters of the Todra River.

15. Discover the Mystery of Ait Ben Haddou

Ait Ben Haddou, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a mesmerizing fortified village that seems frozen in time. Famous for its appearances in numerous films and TV shows, this ancient wonder will transport you to a bygone era.

16. Experience the Festive Spirit of the Marrakech International Film Festival

If your visit aligns with the Marrakech International Film Festival, you're in for a treat. Rub shoulders with international stars and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of cinema during this annual extravaganza.

17. Relax on the Pristine Beaches of Agadir

Unwind on the sun-kissed beaches of Agadir, a popular resort destination in Morocco. With its warm climate and sandy shores, Agadir is a haven for beach lovers seeking relaxation and water sports.


What is the best time to visit Morocco?

The best time to visit Morocco is during the spring (April to May) and autumn (September to October) seasons. These periods offer pleasant weather, making it ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

Is it safe to travel to Morocco?

Yes, Morocco is generally a safe country to visit for travelers. However, it is always advisable to exercise basic precautions, such as being aware of your surroundings and avoiding poorly lit areas at night.

What are some must-try Moroccan dishes?

Moroccan cuisine is a delightful fusion of flavors. Some must-try dishes include tagine (slow-cooked stew), couscous with vegetables and meat, pastilla (a savory pie), and harira (a traditional soup).

Can I visit the Sahara Desert without camping?

Yes, you can experience the Sahara Desert without camping. Many tours offer day trips to the desert, allowing you to enjoy a camel ride and experience the vast dunes before returning to your accommodation.

Do I need a visa to visit Morocco?

For many countries, Morocco allows visa-free entry for stays up to 90 days. However, it is essential to check the visa requirements based on your nationality before traveling.

What currency is used in Morocco?

The currency used in Morocco is the Moroccan dirham (MAD). It is advisable to exchange currency at banks or authorized currency exchange offices for the best rates.


Morocco is a land of enchantment, where ancient history meets modern charm, and breathtaking landscapes unfold before your eyes. With its vibrant culture, diverse landscapes, and warm hospitality, it offers an unforgettable journey for travelers of all kinds. From the bustling medinas to the tranquil oases, and from the majestic desert to the pristine beaches, Morocco has something magical to offer every visitor. So, pack your bags and set out on an adventure of a lifetime as you explore the 17 top attractions and things to do in Morocco.

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