Where to Stay in Hong Kong: Best Neighborhoods & Hotels

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Discover the best neighborhoods and hotels in Hong Kong for an unforgettable stay. This comprehensive guide provides expert insights and firsthand experiences to help you choose the perfect accommodation that suits your preferences and interests.


Planning a trip to Hong Kong and wondering where to stay? Look no further! This ultimate guide will walk you through the best neighborhoods and hotels in Hong Kong, ensuring a delightful and memorable experience during your stay in this vibrant city. From luxurious hotels with stunning skyline views to charming neighborhoods with rich cultural heritage, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know.

Where to Stay in Hong Kong: Best Neighborhoods & Hotels

Here, we’ll explore the top neighborhoods and hotels that cater to different preferences, ranging from luxury seekers to budget-conscious travelers. Let’s dive right in!

1. Central: The Heart of Hong Kong

Central is the bustling financial district and the heart of Hong Kong. This dynamic neighborhood offers a mix of business, shopping, and entertainment, making it an ideal choice for travelers who want to be at the center of the action. Stay at The Murray or Four Seasons Hotel for a luxurious experience amidst skyscrapers and upscale boutiques.

2. Tsim Sha Tsui: Vibrant Shopping and Dining

Tsim Sha Tsui, located in Kowloon, is renowned for its vibrant shopping and dining scene. If you’re a shopaholic or a food enthusiast, this is the neighborhood for you. Pamper yourself at The Peninsula Hong Kong, an iconic hotel known for its colonial charm and impeccable service.

3. Mong Kok: Lively and Colorful

For a more budget-friendly option without compromising on excitement, Mong Kok is the place to be. Experience the local life, explore street markets, and relish mouthwatering street food. Lodgewood by L’hotel Mongkok Hong Kong offers a comfortable stay with easy access to attractions.

4. Wan Chai: Modern and Cultural Blend

Wan Chai strikes the perfect balance between modernity and cultural heritage. It is home to trendy bars, art galleries, and historical sites. Enjoy a pleasant stay at OZO Wesley Hong Kong, a chic hotel that blends style with comfort.

5. Causeway Bay: Shopping Paradise

Shopaholics rejoice! Causeway Bay is another shopping paradise in Hong Kong. From high-end malls to local boutiques, you’ll find it all here. Stay at The Park Lane Hong Kong, a Pullman Hotel, and indulge in retail therapy just steps away.

6. Sheung Wan: Quaint and Charming

Escape the city’s hustle and bustle by staying in Sheung Wan, a quaint neighborhood with charming streets and trendy cafes. Visit the Man Mo Temple and unwind at the stylish Madera Hollywood for an artistic and serene experience.

7. Admiralty: Luxury and Convenience

Admiralty is a prime location with excellent connectivity to major attractions. Enjoy a luxurious stay at The Upper House, where modern design meets unparalleled hospitality.

8. North Point: Off the Beaten Path

For a more local experience away from the tourist crowd, North Point is a hidden gem. The ibis Hong Kong North Point offers a cozy stay with stunning views of Victoria Harbour.

9. Ocean Park: Family-Friendly Fun

Traveling with family? Ocean Park is an amusement park and oceanarium all rolled into one. Stay at the Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel for easy access to the park’s attractions.

10. Lantau Island: Nature Retreat

Nature enthusiasts will find solace in Lantau Island, home to the majestic Tian Tan Buddha and the picturesque Ngong Ping Village. Experience tranquility at the Tai O Heritage Hotel, a restored historical building.

11. Disneyland: Magic and Fantasy

Fulfill your childhood dreams at Hong Kong Disneyland. Stay at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel or Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel to fully immerse yourself in the magic and fantasy.

12. Kowloon City: Historical Charm

Kowloon City boasts historical charm and delicious international cuisine. Experience a unique stay at the heritage boutique hotel, Heritage Lodge.

13. Happy Valley: Horse Racing and Leisure

Horse racing enthusiasts will love Happy Valley, where the city’s famous racecourse is located. Stay at the nearby Dorsett Wan Chai for a blend of comfort and convenience.

14. Sha Tin: Nature and Recreation

Find nature and recreation in Sha Tin, with its beautiful parks and cycling trails. Regal Riverside Hotel offers a relaxing stay alongside the serene Shing Mun River.

15. Sai Ying Pun: Hipster Haven

For a hipster experience, Sai Ying Pun offers trendy cafes and street art. Book your stay at Mojo Nomad Central Hong Kong for a unique and social vibe.

16. Yau Ma Tei: Cultural Heritage

Yau Ma Tei is rich in cultural heritage, evident in its historic temples and traditional markets. Experience Hong Kong’s past while staying at The Cityview for modern comfort.

17. Kwun Tong: Urban Revitalization

Kwun Tong’s urban revitalization has transformed it into a hub for creativity and innovation. Check in at Camlux Hotel and explore the vibrant local art scene.

18. Cyberport: Tech and Ocean Views

Tech-savvy travelers will appreciate Cyberport’s innovative community. The Ovolo Southside offers stylish accommodations and beautiful ocean views.

19. Stanley: Seaside Serenity

Relax by the sea in Stanley, a charming village with a waterfront promenade. Stay at the Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel for a tranquil retreat.

20. Repulse Bay: Luxury Beachfront

Indulge in luxury at Repulse Bay, known for its stunning beachfront properties. The Repulse Bay is a legendary hotel offering an opulent seaside experience.

21. Aberdeen: Fishing Village Ambiance

Aberdeen’s fishing village ambiance provides an authentic cultural encounter. Experience the local way of life while staying at the Harbour Grand Hong Kong.

22. Sai Kung: Coastal Beauty

Sai Kung’s coastal beauty makes it a favorite among nature lovers. Book your stay at Silvermine Beach Resort for breathtaking views and outdoor adventures.

23. Tsuen Wan: Urban Retreat

Tsuen Wan offers an urban retreat with shopping and cultural experiences. The Royal View Hotel provides modern comforts and easy access to nearby attractions.

24. Tung Chung: Gateway to Lantau

As the gateway to Lantau Island, Tung Chung offers convenience and modernity. Stay at Novotel Citygate Hong Kong for a comfortable transit experience.

25. Airport: Layover Convenience

For travelers with layovers or early flights, the Regal Airport Hotel provides unmatched convenience right within the airport.


Q: What is the best neighborhood for luxury travelers in Hong Kong?

A: Central, with its upscale hotels and proximity to high-end boutiques, is perfect for luxury travelers.

Q: Where should budget-conscious travelers stay in Hong Kong?

A: Mong Kok offers budget-friendly accommodation options, vibrant street markets, and delectable street food.

Q: Which neighborhood is best for a family vacation in Hong Kong?

A: Ocean Park is an excellent choice for families with its amusement park and oceanarium attractions. Stay at the Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel for added convenience.

Q: Where can I experience local culture and heritage in Hong Kong?

A: Yau Ma Tei’s historic temples and traditional markets offer an authentic glimpse into Hong Kong’s cultural heritage.

Q: What are the best neighborhoods for nature enthusiasts?

A: Lantau Island and Sai Kung are perfect for nature lovers, offering picturesque landscapes and outdoor activities.

Q: Which neighborhood provides easy access to Hong Kong Disneyland?

A: Choose Disneyland Resort or Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel for a magical stay near Hong Kong Disneyland.


Finding the perfect neighborhood and hotel for your Hong Kong stay is crucial to ensure a fantastic experience. Whether you prefer luxury, cultural encounters, nature retreats, or family-friendly fun, Hong Kong has a neighborhood to suit your preferences. This comprehensive guide has provided you with valuable insights and recommendations to make your trip unforgettable. Happy travels!

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