11 Best Things to Do in Anaheim, CA

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When it comes to Southern California destinations, Anaheim is undoubtedly a city that stands out. Located in Orange County, Anaheim is known for being home to the world-famous Disneyland Resort. However, there’s much more to Anaheim than just Disneyland. In this article, we’ll explore the top 11 things to do in Anaheim, CA, ensuring you have a memorable visit to this vibrant city.

1. Disneyland Park

A trip to Anaheim is incomplete without visiting Disneyland Park, the crown jewel of the city. As one of the most iconic theme parks in the world, Disneyland Park offers a magical experience for visitors of all ages. From classic attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean to thrilling rides like Space Mountain, this park is a dream come true for Disney enthusiasts.

2. Disney California Adventure Park

Adjacent to Disneyland Park is the Disney California Adventure Park. This park showcases the rich history and culture of California in a fun and entertaining way. From the thrilling Incredicoaster to the immersive Cars Land, Disney California Adventure Park offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

3. Downtown Disney District

If you’re looking for a place to shop, dine, and be entertained, look no further than the Downtown Disney District. This vibrant outdoor shopping and entertainment complex features an array of restaurants, shops, and live entertainment options. Whether you’re searching for the perfect Disney souvenir or craving a delicious meal, Downtown Disney has something for everyone.

4. Angel Stadium of Anaheim

For sports enthusiasts, a visit to Angel Stadium of Anaheim is a must. This baseball stadium is the home of the Los Angeles Angels, and attending a game here is an exciting experience. Catch a ballgame, indulge in classic stadium snacks, and cheer alongside fellow fans for an unforgettable day at the ballpark.

5. Honda Center

Another notable sports venue in Anaheim is the Honda Center, home to the Anaheim Ducks hockey team. Whether you’re a hockey fan or not, attending a game or a live concert at this state-of-the-art arena is an exhilarating experience. Check the schedule and immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere of a live event.

6. Visit the Anaheim Packing District

Food lovers will rejoice at the Anaheim Packing District, a culinary haven housed in a historic citrus packing house. This trendy food hall features an array of gourmet eateries, ranging from artisanal ice cream to international street food. Explore the unique flavors, grab a bite from different vendors, and savor the diverse culinary offerings.

7. Explore Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center

For a dose of culture and art, head to the Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center. This museum hosts a variety of rotating exhibits that showcase art, history, and cultural artifacts. From contemporary art to historical exhibitions, Muzeo offers a thought-provoking and educational experience for visitors of all ages.

8. Anaheim GardenWalk

Shopaholics will find their paradise at the Anaheim GardenWalk. This premier outdoor shopping and entertainment destination is home to a mix of popular retailers, trendy boutiques, and upscale restaurants. Take a leisurely stroll, browse through the shops, and indulge in some retail therapy.

9. Adventure City

If you’re traveling with young children, Adventure City is the perfect place to spend a fun-filled day. This family-friendly amusement park offers a range of rides, shows, and attractions suitable for kids of all ages. From thrilling roller coasters to interactive play areas, Adventure City guarantees a memorable experience for the whole family.

10. Yorba Regional Park

Nature enthusiasts can escape the bustling city and enjoy the serene beauty of Yorba Regional Park. Located along the Santa Ana River, this expansive park offers picturesque landscapes, walking trails, picnic areas, and even fishing opportunities. Take a leisurely walk, have a picnic, or rent a paddleboat to explore the park’s tranquil lake.

11. Conclusion

Anaheim, CA, offers a wealth of exciting activities and attractions beyond the enchantment of Disneyland. From thrilling theme parks to cultural experiences, culinary delights to outdoor adventures, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city. Explore the wonders of Anaheim and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.


1. How many theme parks are there in Anaheim? Anaheim is home to two major theme parks: Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park.

2. Are there any shopping areas in Anaheim? Absolutely! The Downtown Disney District and Anaheim GardenWalk are popular shopping destinations in Anaheim.

3. Can I watch a live sports game in Anaheim? Yes, you can catch a baseball game at Angel Stadium of Anaheim or a hockey game at the Honda Center.

4. Is Adventure City suitable for young children? Adventure City is a family-friendly amusement park with rides and attractions designed for kids of all ages.

5. Where can I enjoy nature in Anaheim? Yorba Regional Park is a serene and picturesque destination where you can connect with nature and enjoy outdoor activities.

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