The Coronavirus Outbreak: Should You Cancel Your Travel Plans in the USA?

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Hello, fellow travelers! I know, I know, the Coronavirus has turned the world upside down, and you’re probably wondering if it’s time to say “adios” to your travel dreams. Well, grab your favorite travel pillow, because we’re about to dive deep into this swirling sea of uncertainty and find out if your wanderlust should take a backseat or continue soaring to new horizons.

The COVID-19 Conundrum: A Global Pandemic Adventure

So, here’s the scoop, folks. COVID-19, the villainous disease that started its world tour in China, has now taken center stage worldwide. With over 1.6 million cases and a staggering 95,000 lives lost (and counting!), it’s safe to say this is a pandemic of epic proportions. The United States? Yep, it’s right up there in the hot seat, leading the charge in confirmed cases. Move over, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, and even China, the USA has got this numbers game down pat.

The Coronavirus Outbreak: Should You Cancel Your Travel Plans In The Usa?

A Theme Park Shocker and Bans Galore

Picture this: March 2020, the World Health Organization steps up and shouts, “We’ve got ourselves a pandemic, folks!” That’s right, the big “P” word. With COVID-19 spreading like wildfire, the USA isn’t taking this lightly. Disney theme parks in Florida and California? Closed. Six Flags and Universal Parks and Resorts? Closed. It’s like the whole world’s gone on vacation, but not the fun kind.

Some states, like New York, Florida, and New Jersey, decided to go all “bananas” (pun intended) by putting a stop to large gatherings, closing public places, museums, sporting events, Broadway shows, and even beaches. Talk about a buzzkill.

The Coronavirus Outbreak: Should You Cancel Your Travel Plans In The Usa?

So, Should You Pack Your Bags or Nah?

Well, my fellow adventurers, in these times of peril, jet-setting is not recommended. If you’ve got your travel plans locked in with a company, it’s time to make that call. You can either ask for a refund (fingers crossed!) or have them put your dream trip on ice until this pandemic calms its jets.

Meanwhile, in China, where the virus threw its first party, life is slowly coming back to normal. Public places are reopening, people are traveling, and gatherings are a thing again. But before you scream “I’m going to China!”, hold your horses. We’re not quite there yet.

The Coronavirus Outbreak: Should You Cancel Your Travel Plans In The Usa?

International Travel: A No-Go Zone

Thinking of flying across the pond or beyond? Think again. The European Union has slapped an emergency “no entry” sign for travelers from the rest of the world. Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, and their friends have also said, “Nope!” to international flights. They’re going all-in to stop this virus from going global.

The U.S State Department has joined the party by advising U.S citizens to rethink their travel plans abroad. They’ve even slapped a two-week ban on travelers from European countries. But don’t worry, green card holders, American citizens, and folks with families permanently parked in the USA still get a golden ticket home. Phew!

The Coronavirus Outbreak: Should You Cancel Your Travel Plans In The Usa?

Top Tips to Survive the Travel Drought

While you’re sitting at home, staring longingly at your suitcase, here are some survival tips:

  1. Buy Travel Insurance: Because you never know when your travel plans might pull a disappearing act.
  2. Stay Informed: Keep an eye on coronavirus updates or visit the CDC website for the latest info. Knowledge is power!
  3. Mask Up: Going out? Wear that facemask like a fashion statement. It’s the new trend!
  4. Hands Off!: Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and face without giving those hands a good scrubbing.
  5. Hand Hygiene: Wash your hands like you’re auditioning for a surgeon’s role. 20 seconds, people!
  6. Elbow Bumps: Handshakes are so last season. Try an elbow bump instead.
  7. Keep Your Distance: If someone looks like they swallowed a lemon, steer clear.
  8. Cover That Cough: And do it with style—use your elbow!

Conclusion: Stay Home, Stay Sane

In the grand quest for adventure, sometimes, the bravest thing you can do is stay put. Remember, “Stay home, Stay safe” is the mantra of the hour. The world will still be there when this storm passes. Until then, let’s all be responsible travelers and wait for the day when we can jet off again with wild abandon.

Oh, and speaking of travel, don’t forget to check out for some amazing travel tips and inspiration. Happy armchair traveling, my friends!

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