7 Tourist Destinations Under $50 a Day: Explore the World on a Budget

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Are you dreaming of traveling without breaking the bank? Discover 7 amazing tourist destinations where you can enjoy unforgettable experiences for under $50 a day! From pristine beaches to historic cities, these budget-friendly destinations offer the perfect mix of adventure and affordability.


Who said travel had to be expensive? With careful planning and the right destination choices, you can embark on incredible adventures without straining your wallet. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you on a journey to 7 mesmerizing tourist destinations that promise enriching experiences while staying under $50 a day. Get ready to explore, learn, and create memories that will last a lifetime—all without the hefty price tag.

7 Tourist Destinations Under $50 a Day

1. Bali, Indonesia: The Tropical Paradise

Are you craving the allure of tropical landscapes and pristine beaches? Look no further than Bali, Indonesia. With its lush greenery, azure waters, and rich cultural heritage, Bali offers an escape like no other. Spend your days exploring ancient temples that seem to emerge from the forest, or simply unwind on the stunning beaches that line the coastline. Don’t let the word “paradise” fool you—Bali is surprisingly affordable. From affordable guesthouses to local eateries where you can feast on delicious Indonesian cuisine, Bali proves that you can enjoy paradise without draining your wallet.

2. Budapest, Hungary: European Charm on a Budget

Step into the charming streets of Budapest and be transported back in time. This European gem boasts a rich history, breathtaking architecture, and world-renowned thermal baths. Take a leisurely stroll along the Danube River, and then immerse yourself in the city’s healing thermal waters—a rejuvenating experience that won’t cost you a fortune. Hungary’s capital is a haven for budget travelers, with affordable accommodations and hearty local dishes available throughout the city. Budapest’s blend of old-world charm and vibrant culture will leave you captivated.

3. Siem Reap, Cambodia: Temples and Culture

For an adventure that’s both awe-inspiring and budget-friendly, Siem Reap is your destination. The iconic Angkor Wat temple complex is a testament to Cambodia’s rich history and culture. Explore intricately carved temples, each with its own story to tell. Beyond the temples, Siem Reap’s bustling markets offer a glimpse into local life. Sample flavorful street food and browse unique handicrafts—all at prices that won’t exceed your budget. With affordable guesthouses and a warm local hospitality, Siem Reap is an unforgettable experience that won’t break the bank.

4. Mexico City, Mexico: Vibrant and Affordable

Mexico City seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. Explore historic sites like the Templo Mayor, where ancient Aztec ruins lay hidden beneath the bustling streets. Indulge in the flavors of Mexico through its street food, from mouthwatering tacos to churros dusted with cinnamon. Affordable accommodations and public transportation make it easy to navigate this sprawling city without overspending. Whether you’re wandering through the historic center or exploring the artsy neighborhoods, Mexico City offers a vibrant experience that won’t strain your finances.

5. Marrakech, Morocco: Exotic Flair on a Budget

Venture into the enchanting world of Marrakech—a city of vibrant colors, bustling souks, and intricate architecture. Lose yourself in the labyrinthine streets of the medina, where every corner reveals a new treasure. Haggle for spices, textiles, and handcrafted goods in the souks, and immerse yourself in the city’s intoxicating energy. Budget accommodations, such as riads, provide an authentic Moroccan experience, and local eateries offer affordable tagine and couscous dishes. Marrakech’s exotic allure can be experienced without stretching your budget.

6. Hanoi, Vietnam: Authentic Asian Charm

If you’re seeking an authentic Asian experience on a budget, Hanoi beckons with its old-world charm and bustling streets. Wander through the historic Old Quarter, where colonial architecture blends seamlessly with Vietnamese traditions. Take in the serene beauty of Hoan Kiem Lake, a peaceful oasis in the heart of the city. For food enthusiasts, Hanoi is a paradise of flavors. Indulge in delicious banh mi sandwiches, steaming bowls of pho, and fresh spring rolls—all at wallet-friendly prices. With affordable accommodations and a plethora of affordable attractions, Hanoi invites you to experience the warmth of Vietnamese hospitality without breaking the bank.

7. Lima, Peru: Culinary Delights and Culture

Lima, the capital of Peru, is a destination that tantalizes the senses. From its colonial architecture to its culinary scene, Lima offers a blend of history and modernity. Explore the ancient history of Peru at archaeological sites like Huaca Pucllana and Pachacamac. Dive into the culinary delights that Lima is known for—sample ceviche, a refreshing dish of marinated seafood, and savor other Peruvian specialties. With a variety of affordable accommodations and budget-friendly transportation options, Lima lets you explore its treasures without exceeding your budget.


Q: How can I save money on accommodations while traveling to these destinations? A: To save on accommodations, consider booking budget-friendly hostels, guesthouses, or vacation rentals. Additionally, explore options slightly away from the main tourist areas for more affordable choices.

Q: Are these destinations safe for budget travelers? A: Yes, these destinations are generally safe for travelers. However, it’s always recommended to research local customs and safety tips before your trip.

Q: How can I find affordable local cuisine? A: Look for street food stalls or dine at local eateries frequented by locals. These places often offer delicious and budget-friendly meals that showcase the local flavors.

Q: Are there any free or low-cost attractions in these destinations? A: Absolutely! Many of these destinations have free or low-cost attractions, such as parks, markets, and cultural sites, allowing you to explore without straining your budget.

Q: What transportation options are available for budget travelers? A: Public transportation such as buses or trains is often more affordable than taxis. Walking or biking for shorter distances can also help you save on transportation costs.

Q: How can I make the most of my budget while exploring these destinations? A: Plan your activities in advance, research for deals and discounts, and prioritize experiences that align with your interests and budget. By being mindful of your spending, you can make the most of your travel experience.


Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean sacrificing adventure and exploration. These 7 tourist destinations under $50 a day offer a spectrum of experiences that won’t hurt your wallet. From the tropical allure of Bali to the vibrant streets of Mexico City, each destination has its own unique charm waiting to be discovered. Embrace the excitement, immerse yourself in local cultures, and create cherished memories without the worry of overspending.

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