Top 7 Places to Visit in Bhandardara

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Are you ready for an adventure in the lap of Mother Nature? If you’re seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, Bhandardara, a hidden gem in the state of Maharashtra, India, is the perfect destination. With its serene lakes, lush greenery, and mesmerizing waterfalls, Bhandardara offers an unparalleled experience for nature enthusiasts and travelers alike.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you on a virtual tour of the top seven places to visit in Bhandardara. From pristine lakes to towering peaks, this destination has something for everyone. So, pack your bags, and let’s embark on this unforgettable journey!

1. Arthur Lake: Nature’s Mirror

Nestled amidst the Sahyadri Range, Arthur Lake is a tranquil paradise. This serene lake, also known as Bhandardara Lake, stretches over 34 square kilometers, making it one of the largest in the region. The most striking feature of this lake is its mirror-like surface that perfectly reflects the surrounding mountains and lush greenery. The best time to visit Arthur Lake is during the monsoon season when it’s brimming with crystal-clear water. You can enjoy a boat ride on the lake or simply relax by its shores, soaking in the serenity of nature.

2. Randha Falls: The Roaring Wonder

Randha Falls, often referred to as the ‘Grand Canyon of Maharashtra,’ is a majestic sight to behold. Located on the Pravara River, this waterfall is a visual spectacle, especially during the monsoon season when it’s at its fullest. The waterfall cascades down from a height of approximately 170 feet, creating a mesmerizing view and a symphony of roaring water. It’s an ideal spot for photographers and adventure seekers who can trek their way to the base of the falls for a closer look.

3. Mount Kalsubai: Touching the Sky

Mount Kalsubai proudly stands as the highest peak in Maharashtra, reaching an elevation of 1,646 meters (5,400 feet) above sea level. Climbing it is a rewarding experience as you’ll be greeted with breathtaking panoramic views at the summit. The trek to Kalsubai is challenging but worth every step for the sense of accomplishment and the awe-inspiring vistas. The trail takes you through lush green forests and steep rocky terrain. It’s best to start the trek early in the morning to avoid the scorching sun, and reaching the summit in time for the sunrise is a truly magical experience.

4. Ratanwadi: A Village Lost in Time

Step back in time when you visit Ratanwadi, a quaint village surrounded by lush greenery. This picturesque village is famous for its ancient Shiva temple, the Amruteshwar Temple, and the trek to Ratangad Fort. The fort, perched on a hill, offers panoramic views of the Sahyadri Range and is a favorite among trekkers and history enthusiasts. The trek to Ratangad Fort takes you through dense forests, caves, and stone ladders, making it an adventurous journey.

5. Amruteshwar Temple: An Architectural Marvel

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Amruteshwar Temple is a masterpiece of Hemadpanthi architecture. Its intricately carved pillars and sculptures are a testament to the rich heritage of the region. This temple offers a spiritual retreat amidst the natural beauty of Bhandardara. The architecture and serenity of the temple provide a unique blend of cultural and natural experiences.

6. Agastya Rishi Ashram: Tranquility in the Woods

For those seeking inner peace and a break from the hectic pace of life, the Agastya Rishi Ashram is an ideal destination. Surrounded by thick forests, this ashram provides a serene environment for meditation and self-discovery. The peaceful ambiance and the sound of chirping birds will rejuvenate your soul. The ashram also conducts yoga and meditation sessions, allowing visitors to connect with their inner selves in the midst of nature’s beauty.

7. Sandhan Valley: The Valley of Shadows

Sandhan Valley, also known as the “Valley of Shadows,” offers a unique adventure. This natural gorge is a haven for trekkers and explorers. With its narrow pathways and rocky terrain, it’s an exciting challenge for adrenaline junkies. The trek through the valley includes rappelling, rock climbing, and wading through water bodies, making it an adrenaline-pumping experience.


Bhandardara is a haven for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and anyone looking to escape the chaos of daily life. Whether you’re gazing at the reflection in Arthur Lake, standing in awe of Randha Falls, or conquering Mount Kalsubai, Bhandardara offers a diverse range of experiences.

As you plan your trip to this breathtaking destination, remember to immerse yourself in the local culture and savor the delicious Maharashtrian cuisine. Bhandardara isn’t just a place; it’s an experience that will leave you with cherished memories and a deeper connection to the natural world.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: When is the best time to visit Bhandardara? A1: The best time to visit Bhandardara is during the monsoon season (June to September) when the landscapes are lush and the waterfalls are in full glory.

Q2: How can I reach Bhandardara from Mumbai? A2: You can reach Bhandardara from Mumbai by road. The distance is approximately 165 kilometers, and it takes around 4-5 hours by car. There are also train and bus options for those who prefer public transportation.

Q3: Are there any accommodation options in Bhandardara? A3: Yes, Bhandardara offers a range of accommodation options, including resorts, cottages, and guesthouses, catering to various budgets. It’s advisable to book your accommodation in advance, especially during the peak tourist season.

Q4: Is it safe to trek to Mount Kalsubai? A4: Trekking to Mount Kalsubai is generally safe, but it’s advisable to go with a guide, especially if you’re not an experienced trekker. Safety precautions should be followed, including carrying enough water, wearing suitable trekking gear, and informing someone about your trekking plans.

Q5: Can I visit Bhandardara for a day trip, or should I plan an extended stay? A5: While a day trip to Bhandardara is possible, it’s recommended to plan an extended stay to fully explore and appreciate the beauty of the region. There are plenty of activities and attractions to keep you engaged for several days, including trekking, sightseeing, and relaxation by the lakeside.

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