Top 5 Places to Visit In Sanchi

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Are you planning a trip to Sanchi and wondering where to visit? Look no further, as we’ve compiled a list of the top five places to visit in Sanchi that you don’t want to miss. From ancient monuments to serene gardens, Sanchi has a lot to offer for history buffs and nature lovers alike. So pack your bags, put on your adventure shoes and get ready to explore Sanchi’s hidden gems.

Sanchi Stupa

The Sanchi Stupa is one of the most significant and well-preserved Buddhist monuments in India, located in the town of Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh. This magnificent structure dates back to the 3rd century BC and was commissioned by Emperor Ashoka to house the remains of Lord Buddha. The stupa has four gateways, each adorned with intricate carvings and sculptures that depict the life and teachings of Buddha. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must-visit for anyone interested in Indian history and architecture.

Udayagiri Caves

Located around 13 kilometers away from Sanchi, the Udayagiri Caves are a group of 20 rock-cut caves that date back to the Gupta period. These caves are famous for their intricate carvings, sculptures, and paintings that depict Hindu mythology and legends. The most notable cave is Cave 5, which has a stunning carved doorway and a large hall with intricately carved pillars. The caves offer a unique insight into ancient Indian art and architecture and are a treat for history lovers.

Ashoka Pillar

The Ashoka Pillar is a towering 11-meter-high pillar located in Sanchi that dates back to the 3rd century BC. The pillar was erected by Emperor Ashoka to commemorate his visit to Sanchi and his conversion to Buddhism. The pillar is made of sandstone and has four lions facing different directions, which are now the national emblem of India. The Ashoka Pillar is a symbol of India’s rich cultural heritage and a must-visit for anyone interested in Indian history.

Great Bowl

The Great Bowl is a unique structure located near the Sanchi Stupa that dates back to the 3rd century BC. The bowl is made of a single piece of stone and is around 1.6 meters in diameter. It is said that the bowl was used by monks to collect alms during their rounds. The Great Bowl is a testament to the ingenuity and skill of ancient Indian craftsmen and is a unique attraction that should not be missed.

Sanchi Museum

The Sanchi Museum is located near the Sanchi Stupa and houses a vast collection of artifacts and exhibits related to the history and culture of Sanchi and the surrounding region. The museum has several galleries that display sculptures, carvings, paintings, and other artifacts that date back to ancient times. The museum also has a library that houses rare books and manuscripts related to Buddhism and Indian history. The Sanchi Museum is a treasure trove of knowledge and a must-visit for anyone interested in history and culture.


Sanchi is a place of great historical and cultural significance and has a lot to offer for tourists and travelers. The five places mentioned above are just a few of the many attractions that Sanchi has to offer. So plan your trip, book your tickets and explore Sanchi’s hidden gems.


  1. Is Sanchi safe for tourists? Yes, Sanchi is generally considered a safe place for tourists. However, it is always advisable to take necessary precautions and be aware of your surroundings.
  2. What is the best time to visit Sanchi? The best time to visit Sanchi is between October and March, when the weather is cool and pleasant. Summers can be quite hot, and monsoons can make it difficult to explore the outdoors.
  3. How much time do I need to explore Sanchi? You can explore the top attractions of Sanchi in a day or two, but if you want to delve deeper into its history and culture, you may need to spend more time here.
  4. Can I hire a guide to explore Sanchi? Yes, there are several local guides available in Sanchi who can provide you with detailed information about the history and significance of its monuments and attractions.
  5. Are there any accommodation options in Sanchi? Yes, there are several accommodation options in Sanchi, ranging from budget guesthouses to luxury resorts. You can choose the one that suits your budget and preferences.
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