The Best Time to Visit Madikeri

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Madikeri, a picturesque hill station nestled in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, India, offers a breathtaking escape from the bustling city life. This enchanting town is blessed with verdant landscapes, mist-covered mountains, and a rich cultural heritage. Planning a visit to Madikeri requires careful consideration of the weather, festivals, and attractions that are available during different times of the year. In this article, we will explore the best time to visit Madikeri, allowing you to make the most of your trip and create unforgettable memories.

Season-wise Analysis

Spring: A Blooming Paradise

Spring, from March to May, marks the beginning of the tourist season in Madikeri. The weather during this time is pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 35°C (59°F to 95°F). The town comes alive with colorful flowers and lush greenery, creating a picturesque backdrop for nature enthusiasts and photographers. It is an ideal time for outdoor activities, such as hiking, bird-watching, and exploring the numerous waterfalls in the region.

Summer: Escape the Heat

Summer, from June to August, is the monsoon season in Madikeri. The town receives moderate to heavy rainfall, rejuvenating the surroundings and adding to the beauty of the place. The temperature ranges from 14°C to 29°C (57°F to 84°F), providing a relief from the scorching heat of the plains. The mist-covered hills and cascading waterfalls during this time create a mystical ambiance, making it a favorite among nature lovers.

Monsoon: Embrace the Rain

Autumn, from September to November, is considered one of the best times to visit Madikeri. The weather is pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 13°C to 28°C (55°F to 82°F). The monsoon showers gradually recede, leaving behind fresh greenery and glistening streams. The clear skies offer breathtaking views of the Western Ghats. It is an ideal time for sightseeing, trekking, and exploring the coffee plantations that Madikeri is famous for.

Autumn: A Colorful Delight

Winter, from December to February, brings misty mornings and cool temperatures to Madikeri. The average temperature during this time ranges from 10°C to 25°C (50°F to 77°F). The town wears a blanket of mist, creating a dreamy atmosphere. Winter is the perfect time to witness the beauty of the valleys and enjoy the tranquility of the hills. It is also an excellent time for adventure activities like river rafting and camping.

Festivals and Events

Madikeri is known for its vibrant festivals and cultural events that showcase the rich traditions of the region. Here are some notable festivals you can experience during your visit:

Madikeri Dasara

Madikeri Dasara is a grand celebration that takes place in September or October, coinciding with the Navaratri festival. The entire town comes alive with processions, music, dance, and cultural performances. The highlight of the festival is the beautifully decorated idols of deities carried in grand chariots.

Puthari Festival

Puthari Festival, held in November, is a harvest festival celebrated with great enthusiasm. It is a time when the locals offer thanks to the gods for a bountiful harvest. The festival features traditional dances, music, and delicious Coorgi cuisine.

Kaveri Sankramana

Kaveri Sankramana, celebrated in mid-October, is an important festival for the people of Madikeri. It marks the filling of the Kaveri River, and devotees gather at the sacred Talakaveri Temple to witness this auspicious event. Cultural programs and a grand fair are organized during this time.

Sightseeing Attractions

Madikeri offers a myriad of attractions that will captivate your senses. Here are some must-visit places:

Raja’s Seat

Raja’s Seat, meaning “Seat of the Kings,” is a beautiful garden located on a hilltop. It offers panoramic views of the mist-covered valleys and rolling hills. The sunset view from Raja’s Seat is truly breathtaking, making it a popular spot for tourists.

Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls is a mesmerizing waterfall situated amidst lush coffee plantations and spice estates. The cascading waters surrounded by thick greenery create a picturesque setting. Visitors can enjoy the view of the falls from a hanging bridge and capture memorable photographs.

Omkareshwara Temple

Omkareshwara Temple is a revered place of worship in Madikeri. It showcases a unique blend of Islamic and Gothic architecture. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and attracts devotees and architectural enthusiasts alike.

Dubare Elephant Camp

Dubare Elephant Camp offers a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with these majestic creatures. Visitors can participate in activities like elephant bathing, feeding, and even taking an elephant ride. It is a memorable experience, especially for animal lovers and families with children.


Talakaveri, located about 48 kilometers (30 miles) from Madikeri, is the birthplace of the River Kaveri. It is a sacred spot nestled in the Brahmagiri Hills. The breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the holy water spring make it a popular pilgrimage site.

Outdoor Activities

Madikeri is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. Here are some exciting outdoor activities you can indulge in:

Trekking in the Western Ghats

The Western Ghats surrounding Madikeri offer numerous trekking trails that cater to both beginners and experienced trekkers. Trekking through the lush green forests, spotting wildlife, and reaching the summit of peaks like Pushpagiri and Tadiandamol are exhilarating experiences.

River Rafting in Barapole River

Barapole River is famous for its thrilling white-water rafting experience. The river’s fast currents and rapids provide an adrenaline-pumping adventure for rafting enthusiasts. Safety measures are strictly followed, ensuring a memorable and safe rafting experience.

Camping in Mandalpatti

Mandalpatti, a hilltop located around 20 kilometers (12 miles) from Madikeri, offers a serene camping experience. Surrounded by mist-covered mountains and lush green valleys, camping in Mandalpatti is an ideal way to reconnect with nature and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings.

Jeep Safari in Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park, located a short distance from Madikeri, is a haven for wildlife lovers. Embark on a thrilling jeep safari through the dense forests of Nagarhole, where you can spot majestic elephants, tigers, leopards, and various other species of animals and birds.

Local Cuisine and Dining Experiences

A visit to Madikeri is incomplete without savoring the delectable Coorgi cuisine. Here are some specialties you must try:

Coorgi Cuisine Specialties

Coorgi cuisine is known for its unique flavors and use of local spices. Some popular dishes include Pandi Curry (pork curry), Kadumbuttu (rice dumplings), Noolputtu (rice noodles), and Coorgi-style coffee. Don’t miss the opportunity to relish the traditional Coorgi cuisine and experience the distinct flavors of the region.

Madikeri offers a wide range of dining options, from local eateries to upscale restaurants. Some popular restaurants known for their delicious food and cozy ambiance include Coorg Cuisine, East End Hotel, Raintree Restaurant, and Coorg Cliff Resort.

Accommodation Options

Madikeri provides a variety of accommodation options to suit different budgets and preferences. Here are two categories to consider:

Luxury Resorts and Hotels

For those seeking a luxurious experience, Madikeri offers several upscale resorts and hotels. These establishments provide world-class amenities, spa facilities, panoramic views, and exceptional hospitality. Some renowned luxury properties include The Tamara Coorg, Vivanta Madikeri, and Club Mahindra Madikeri.

Homestays and Guesthouses

For a more authentic and personalized experience, consider staying in homestays and guesthouses. These accommodations allow you to interact with the locals, experience their warm hospitality, and get insights into the local culture and traditions. Some popular homestays in Madikeri include Java Mane Homestay, Coorg Coffee Flower Homestay, and Silver Brook Estate.

Transportation and Getting Around

Nearest Airports and Train Stations

The nearest airport to Madikeri is Mangalore International Airport, located approximately 140 kilometers (87 miles) away. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Madikeri. The nearest major railway station is Mysore Junction, around 120 kilometers (75 miles) from Madikeri.

Local Transportation Options

In Madikeri, local transportation mainly consists of taxis, auto-rickshaws, and private vehicles. Taxis and auto-rickshaws are readily available for short-distance travel within the town. Renting a private vehicle or hiring a taxi is recommended for exploring nearby attractions and enjoying the scenic drives in and around Madikeri.

Safety and Travel Tips

To ensure a safe and memorable trip to Madikeri, consider the following tips:

  • Carry a first aid kit and essential medicines.
  • Pack appropriate clothing based on the weather conditions during your visit.
  • Respect the local customs and traditions.
  • Stay hydrated and carry a water bottle with you.
  • Follow instructions and guidelines during adventure activities.
  • Keep important contact numbers and emergency services handy.


Madikeri is a destination that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and adventure. With its pleasant weather, breathtaking attractions, and vibrant festivals, it provides an enriching experience for travelers. Whether you are a nature lover, an adventure enthusiast, or a foodie, Madikeri has something to offer everyone. Plan your visit based on the season that aligns with your interests and preferences, and immerse yourself in the charm of this enchanting hill station.


  1. What is the best time to visit Madikeri? The best time to visit Madikeri is during autumn (September to November) when the weather is pleasant and the surroundings are lush green after the monsoon.
  2. Are there any adventure activities in Madikeri? Yes, Madikeri offers several adventure activities like trekking, river rafting, camping, and jeep safaris in the nearby national parks.
  3. What are the popular festivals celebrated in Madikeri? Some popular festivals celebrated in Madikeri are Madikeri Dasara, Puthari Festival, and Kaveri Sankramana.
  4. What are some must-visit attractions in Madikeri? Some must-visit attractions in Madikeri include Raja’s Seat, Abbey Falls, Omkareshwara Temple, Dubare Elephant Camp, and Talakaveri.
  5. What is the local cuisine like in Madikeri? The local cuisine in Madikeri, known as Coorgi cuisine, offers unique flavors and dishes like Pandi Curry, Kadumbuttu, and Coorgi-style coffee.
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