Top 5 Places to Visit in Kasol

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Kasol is a small village nestled in the beautiful Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh, known for its scenic landscapes, hippie vibes, and picturesque views of the Himalayas. Here are the top 5 places to visit in Kasol.

Table of Contents

  1. Kheerganga Trek
  2. Malana Village
  3. Tosh Village
  4. Parvati River
  5. Manikaran Sahib

Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga is a small village located at an altitude of 2960 meters. It is known for its hot water springs and the breathtaking views of the Parvati valley. To reach Kheerganga, one has to trek for about 12 km from Kasol, which usually takes 4-5 hours. The trek offers a stunning view of the valley and the majestic Himalayas. Once you reach Kheerganga, take a dip in the hot water springs and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the mountains.

Malana Village

Malana is a small ancient village located near Kasol. It is known for its unique culture and traditions, and is considered to be one of the oldest democracies in the world. The village is also famous for the Malana Cream, a high-quality hashish that is famous worldwide. To reach Malana, one has to trek for about 4-5 hours from Kasol. While trekking to Malana, one can enjoy the scenic beauty of the valley and the surrounding mountains.

Tosh Village

Tosh is another small village located in the Parvati Valley. It is known for its scenic beauty, peaceful atmosphere, and apple orchards. To reach Tosh, one has to trek for about 3-4 hours from Kasol. While trekking to Tosh, one can enjoy the breathtaking views of the valley and the snow-capped mountains.

Parvati River

The Parvati River flows through the Parvati Valley, and is one of the major attractions of Kasol. The river is known for its crystal clear water, and offers a perfect spot for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy various activities such as river rafting, trekking, and camping alongside the river.

Manikaran Sahib

Manikaran Sahib is a holy shrine located in the Parvati Valley. It is a perfect destination for those who want to explore the religious and spiritual side of Kasol. The shrine is known for its hot springs, which are believed to have healing properties. You can also explore the beautiful temple and learn about the history and culture of the place.

Travel Tips

  • The best time to visit Kasol is from March to June and from September to November when the weather is pleasant.
  • Don’t forget to carry warm clothes as the temperature can drop suddenly, especially in the evenings.
  • Make sure to carry a good pair of shoes for trekking and walking.
  • It is advisable to carry cash as most places do not accept cards.
  • Respect the local culture and traditions and avoid hurting their sentiments.


Kasol is a beautiful destination that offers a perfect mix of adventure and spirituality. The place is known for its scenic beauty, trekking trails, and hot springs, which make it a perfect destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. If you’re planning a trip to Kasol, make sure to visit these top 5 places and experience the beauty of the place.


Q. What is the best time to visit Kasol?

A. The best time to visit Kasol is from March to May and October to November. During these months, the weather is pleasant, and the temperature ranges from 15°C to 25°C, making it ideal for trekking and other outdoor activities.

Q. What are some popular trekking routes in Kasol?

A. Kasol is known for its scenic trekking routes, some of which include Kheerganga Trek, Sar Pass Trek, Pin Parvati Pass Trek, and Tosh Valley Trek. These treks offer breathtaking views of the Himalayan range and are popular among adventure enthusiasts.

Q. What are some of the best restaurants in Kasol?

A. Kasol has a vibrant food scene, and there are plenty of restaurants and cafes that offer a variety of cuisines. Some popular options include Little Italy, Jim Morrison Cafe, Evergreen Cafe, and The Pink Floyd Cafe.

Q. What are some nearby places to visit from Kasol?

A. There are several nearby places to visit from Kasol, such as Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara, Tosh Village, Malana Village, and Kullu. These places offer a unique cultural and scenic experience and are easily accessible from Kasol.

Q. Is Kasol a safe place to visit?

A. Yes, Kasol is generally considered a safe place to visit. However, it is always advisable to exercise caution and take necessary safety measures while traveling to any destination. It is also important to respect the local customs and culture.

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