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Hamirpur, a small town nestled in the lap of the majestic Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh, India, is a hidden gem that offers a perfect blend of nature, history, and spirituality. With its breathtaking landscapes, ancient forts, serene temples, and warm hospitality, Hamirpur has become a popular destination for travelers seeking a unique and offbeat experience. In this article, we will explore the top three places to visit in Hamirpur that will leave you mesmerized.

The Charm of Nadaun Fort

Nadaun Fort, also known as the Tira Fort, is one of the most prominent historical landmarks in Hamirpur. Built during the reign of Raja Sansar Chand, the fort stands as a testament to the glorious past of the region. As you step inside, you will be transported back in time, surrounded by the remnants of the ancient architecture. The panoramic view of the surrounding countryside from the fort’s ramparts is truly awe-inspiring. Exploring the Nadaun Fort is like unraveling the mysteries of the bygone era.

Exploring the Serene Pong Dam

Pong Dam, also known as the Maharana Pratap Sagar Lake, is a paradise for nature lovers and birdwatchers. Nestled amidst the Dhauladhar Range, it is one of the largest man-made wetlands in India and a haven for migratory birds. The tranquil waters of the lake, surrounded by lush green forests, offer a serene ambiance that rejuvenates the soul. You can indulge in boating, fishing, or simply soak in the beauty of the surroundings. A visit to Pong Dam is a must for those seeking solace in nature’s lap.

Discovering the Historical Gurkha Fort

Gurkha Fort, located in the town of Sujanpur Tira, is a historical marvel that transports you back to the era of Gurkha rulers. This magnificent fort was built by Raja Sansar Chand in the 18th century and served as the capital of the Hamirpur region. The fort’s grandeur and architectural brilliance are truly captivating. As you explore its intricately designed halls, courtyards, and temples, you can’t help but marvel at the rich cultural heritage preserved within its walls. The Gurkha Fort is a testimony to the valor and grandeur of the bygone era.

Nature’s Paradise: Sujanpur Tira

Sujanpur Tira, a picturesque town located in the Hamirpur district, is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Surrounded by lush green hills and dotted with ancient temples, this quaint town offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage. The peaceful atmosphere and breathtaking vistas make it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts and photographers. You can take a leisurely stroll through the town’s narrow lanes, visit the centuries-old temples, or simply sit by the riverside and soak in the tranquility.

Immerse in Spirituality at the Tauni Devi Temple

Tauni Devi Temple, located atop a hill in Hamirpur, is a sacred abode of the Hindu goddess Durga. The temple is renowned for its architectural beauty and religious significance. As you climb the steps leading to the temple, the panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and valleys will leave you spellbound. The divine aura and serenity of the temple offer a perfect setting for spiritual introspection and seeking blessings. The annual fair held at Tauni Devi Temple attracts devotees from far and wide, adding a festive vibe to the spiritual experience.

Witness the Vibrant Hamir Utsav

Hamir Utsav is a grand cultural extravaganza that showcases the rich cultural heritage of Hamirpur. This annual festival, held in the month of October, is a celebration of music, dance, art, and cuisine. The festival brings together artists, craftsmen, and performers from different parts of Himachal Pradesh, showcasing the vibrant traditions and customs of the region. From folk dances and music performances to traditional handicrafts and local delicacies, Hamir Utsav offers a delightful immersion into the cultural tapestry of the region.

Enjoy Water Sports at the Maharana Pratap Sagar Lake

Maharana Pratap Sagar Lake, also known as Pong Dam Reservoir, is not only a serene spot for nature lovers but also a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. The calm and expansive waters of the lake provide a perfect setting for indulging in water sports like kayaking, canoeing, and sailing. The picturesque surroundings and the thrill of gliding through the sparkling waters make it a memorable experience for both beginners and experienced adventurers alike. Whether you seek tranquility or an adrenaline rush, Maharana Pratap Sagar Lake has something to offer for everyone.

Taste the Local Delicacies

No trip to Hamirpur is complete without savoring the local delicacies that tantalize your taste buds. The region is known for its delectable Himachali cuisine, which is a perfect blend of flavors and spices. Don’t miss the opportunity to try dishes like Siddu, Chha Gosht, Tudkiya Bhath, and Mittha, which will take you on a culinary journey through the rich traditions of Himachal Pradesh. The warmth and hospitality of the locals add an extra flavor to the gastronomic experience.

Accommodation Options in Hamirpur

Hamirpur offers a range of accommodation options to suit every traveler’s needs and preferences. From budget-friendly guesthouses to luxury resorts, you can find a place that caters to your requirements. Some popular choices include Hotel Hamir, Hotel Raj Mahal, and Nadaun Guest House. These accommodations provide comfortable rooms, warm hospitality, and easy access to the major attractions in and around Hamirpur.

Best Time to Visit Hamirpur

The best time to visit Hamirpur is during the months of March to June and September to November. The weather during these months is pleasant, with moderate temperatures and clear skies. Avoid visiting during the monsoon season (July to August) as heavy rainfall can disrupt outdoor activities and sightseeing.

How to Reach Hamirpur

Hamirpur is well-connected to major cities in Himachal Pradesh and neighboring states. The nearest airport is Gaggal Airport in Kangra, which is approximately 80 kilometers away. The nearest railway station is in Una, around 82 kilometers from Hamirpur. From there, you can hire a taxi or take a local bus to reach Hamirpur. The town is also well-connected by road, and you can easily reach Hamirpur by private car or public buses.

Safety Tips for Travelers

While visiting Hamirpur, it is essential to prioritize your safety and well-being. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind:

  1. Carry necessary medication, first aid kit, and insect repellents.
  2. Stay hydrated and carry a water bottle with you at all times.
  3. Dress appropriately, especially if you plan to visit religious sites or trek in the hills.
  4. Respect the local customs, traditions, and wildlife.
  5. Take precautions against altitude sickness if you plan to visit higher-altitude areas.
  6. Ensure you have travel insurance that covers medical emergencies and trip cancellations.
  7. Keep emergency contact numbers handy.

Unforgettable Memories in Hamirpur

A visit to Hamirpur promises unforgettable memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. From witnessing the grandeur of ancient forts to immersing in the spiritual aura of temples, from indulging in adventure sports to savoring the flavors of Himachali cuisine, Hamirpur offers a diverse range of experiences. The natural beauty, rich history, and warm hospitality of the locals make Hamirpur a destination worth exploring.


Hamirpur, with its hidden treasures and enchanting landscapes, beckons travelers to uncover its beauty. From the historical forts to the serene temples, from the vibrant festivals to the picturesque lakes, Hamirpur offers a unique blend of experiences that cater to every traveler’s interests. Plan your trip to Hamirpur and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime.


1. What are some other attractions near Hamirpur?

Apart from the mentioned places, you can also visit Naina Devi Temple, Deotsidh Temple, and Bilkeshwar Mahadev Temple, which are located within a short distance from Hamirpur.

2. Are there any trekking opportunities in Hamirpur?

Yes, Hamirpur offers several trekking trails, including the hike to Thamsar Pass and the trek to Jalsu Pass, which are popular among adventure enthusiasts.

3. Can I visit Hamirpur during winters?

Yes, you can visit Hamirpur during winters, but be prepared for cold temperatures and the possibility of snowfall. It is advisable to check the weather conditions and road accessibility before planning your trip.

4. Are there any shopping opportunities in Hamirpur?

Hamirpur is known for its traditional handicrafts and handloom products. You can explore the local markets to buy items like shawls, carpets, wooden artifacts, and locally made jewelry.

5. Can I hire a guide to explore Hamirpur?

Yes, you can hire local guides who can provide you with insights into the history, culture, and significance of the places you visit in Hamirpur. They can enhance your overall experience and help you navigate the region effectively.

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