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Traveling is a passion for many people around the world. Whether it’s exploring exotic destinations, immersing oneself in different cultures, or seeking adventure, travel offers a unique and enriching experience. With the rise of the internet, travel blogs have become a popular resource for travelers looking for inspiration, advice, and firsthand experiences. In this article, we will delve into the world of travel blogging and present a comprehensive list of the top 100 travel blogs based on their traffic.

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In today’s digital age, travel blogs have gained significant prominence. These blogs are personal platforms where travelers share their adventures, tips, and recommendations. They provide valuable insights into destinations, accommodations, local cuisines, transportation, and various aspects of travel. Travel blogs offer an authentic perspective, enabling readers to make informed decisions and plan memorable trips.

What are travel blogs?

Travel blogs are online platforms where individuals or groups share their travel experiences, stories, photographs, and recommendations. They often feature articles, photos, videos, and interactive content that transport readers to different destinations virtually. Travel bloggers document their journeys, offering a glimpse into the diverse cultures, landscapes, and attractions they encounter. These blogs act as virtual guides, providing practical information and inspiring wanderlust.

Importance of travel blogs

Travel blogs serve several purposes and have a significant impact on the travel industry. Here’s why they are important:

  1. Inspiration: Travel blogs serve as a source of inspiration for aspiring travelers. Through captivating storytelling and stunning visuals, bloggers ignite the desire to explore new places and embark on exciting adventures.
  2. Practical information: Travel blogs provide practical tips, itineraries, and recommendations. Readers can learn about visa requirements, transportation options, local customs, and hidden gems that may not be covered by mainstream travel guides.
  3. Authentic experiences: Travel blogs offer a more personal and authentic perspective than traditional travel resources. Bloggers often share their challenges, mishaps, and memorable moments, allowing readers to learn from their experiences.
  4. Community building: Travel blogs create a sense of community among like-minded travelers. Readers can engage with bloggers, ask questions, and connect with fellow travel enthusiasts through comments and social media platforms.
  5. Influence: Many travel bloggers have established themselves as influencers in the travel industry. Their recommendations and endorsements hold significant weight, influencing the choices of their audience when it comes to accommodations, tours, and products.

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Criteria for selecting the top travel blogs

Selecting the top travel blogs requires careful consideration of various factors. The following criteria are commonly used to assess the quality and influence of travel blogs:

  1. Traffic: The number of visitors and page views a blog receives is a key indicator of its popularity and reach. Blogs with higher traffic tend to have a larger audience and impact.
  2. Engagement: The level of engagement with readers, such as comments, social media interactions, and shares, reflects the blog’s ability to resonate with its audience.
  3. Content quality: High-quality content is essential for a travel blog’s success. Engaging narratives, well-researched articles, beautiful visuals, and practical information contribute to a blog’s appeal.
  4. Consistency: Regular updates and consistent posting demonstrate a blogger’s commitment and help maintain a loyal readership.
  5. Social media presence: The influence and reach of a travel blog can be measured by its presence and engagement on various social media platforms.
  6. Reputation: The reputation and credibility of a blog play a crucial role in its recognition. Positive feedback, awards, and recognition from reputable sources further enhance a blog’s reputation.

Top 100 travel blogs based on traffic

Here is a compilation of the top 100 travel blogs based on their traffic, along with the approximate number of unique visitors they receive:

Travel Blog Unique Visitors
italylogue.com 196000
elliott.org 140000
vagabondish.com 119000
petergreenberg.com 96600
nomadicmatt.com 79800
europeupclose.com 65800
everything-everywhere.com 65800
worldhum.com 65800
offtrackplanet.com 60200
wildjunket.com 60200
crankyflier.com 58800
travelvice.com 53200
almostfearless.com 50400
deliciousbaby.com 50400
touropia.com 50400
upgradetravelbetter.com 50400
theroadforks.com 49800
worldheritagesite.org 42000
amateurtraveler.com 37800
fluentin3months.com 37800
theplanetd.com 37800
wanderlustandlipstick.com 37800
gobackpacking.com 35000
offbeattravel.com 35000
wanderingeducators.com 35000
aluxurytravelblog.com 33600
davestravelcorner.com 33600
malaysia-asia.my 33600
thevacationgals.com 33600
traveltowork.net 33600
twobackpackers.com 33600
travel-rants.com 30800
foxnomad.com 28000
traveldudes.org 26600
thebrooklynnomad.com 23800
uncorneredmarket.com 23800
aswetravel.com 22400
holeinthedonut.com 21000
travelinggreener.com 21000
globetrooper.com 19600
heatheronhertravels.com 19600
indietravelpodcast.com 19600
caroundtheworld.com 19300
beersandbeans.com 18200
thetravelword.com 16800
johnnyvagabond.com 16300
artofbackpacking.com 16000
travelingcanucks.com 14300
landlopers.com 13700
theaussienomad.com 13600
thejetpacker.com 12500
trans-americas.com 10400
travelmamas.com 10100
vagablogging.net 10000
ytravelblog.com 9500
ottsworld.com 9500
tangodiva.com 8500
theexpeditioner.com 8400
travelswithtwo.com 8100
travelogged.com 8000
solotravelerblog.com 8000
shipcriticblog.com 7900
livingthedreamrtw.com 7500
wanderingearl.com 7500
alittleadrift.com 7300
legalnomads.com 7200
baconismagic.ca 7000
travelinlocal.com 7000
travelocafe.com 6900
raamdev.com 6500
myitchytravelfeet.com 6000
kaleidoscopicwandering.com 6000
notesfromspain.com 5800
soultravelers3.com 5800
pausethemoment.com 5800
runawayjuno.com 5700
insidethetravellab.com 5500
toddswanderings.com 5300
twenty-somethingtravel.com 5300
notesfromtheroad.com 5200
globotreks.com 5200
solofriendly.com 5100
intheknowtraveler.com 5100
practicaltravelgear.com 5000
thecareyadventures.com 5000
wanderingtrader.com 5000
vagabondquest.com 4900
briefcasetobackpack.com 4800
brookevstheworld.com 4800
traveling-savage.com 4600
llworldtour.com 4500
homeboyski.com 4500
noplacetobe.com 4200
adventurouskate.com 4100
runawayjane.com 3400
lolaakinmade.com 3300
neverendingvoyage.com 3200
maiden-voyage-travel.com 3200
grantourismotravels.com 3100
thelongestwayhome.com 3100

Each of these blogs offers a distinct perspective and caters to different travel preferences. Whether you’re looking for budget travel tips, luxury destinations, off-the-beaten-path adventures, or family-friendly recommendations, this list encompasses a wide range of travel interests.


In the digital age, travel blogs have become invaluable resources for travelers seeking inspiration and practical information. The top 100 travel blogs listed in this article serve as a gateway to a world of adventures, providing valuable insights, tips, and recommendations. By following these blogs, you can embark on unforgettable journeys and make the most of your travel experiences.

Remember, travel is a personal and subjective endeavor, and it’s always important to tailor your plans to your own preferences and interests. Explore the blogs, find your favorites, and let them inspire you to embark on your own unique adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the purpose of travel blogs?

Travel blogs serve as platforms for travelers to share their experiences, offer tips, and provide recommendations to inspire and assist fellow travelers.

2. How can I start my own travel blog?

Starting a travel blog requires choosing a niche, setting up a website, creating compelling content, and building an audience through consistent posting and engagement.

3. Are travel blogs reliable sources of information?

While travel blogs provide valuable insights and personal experiences, it’s important to cross-reference information and consider multiple sources when making travel decisions.

4. How do travel blogs generate income?

Travel blogs can generate income through various avenues, including advertising, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, product reviews, and partnerships with travel brands.

5. Can I trust the rankings of top travel blogs based on traffic?

Rankings of top travel blogs based on traffic can be a helpful starting point for exploration, but personal preferences and interests should ultimately guide your choices when following travel blogs.

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